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Spirit Africa Children's Voice Uganda

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About us

Spirit Africa Children’s Voice Uganda is a community based organization that develops
talents, supports education of the children and orphans. It was founded by MBALU FRED in 2011 in Gangu Village, Wakiso District in Uganda.

In their unforgettable performances “Sprit Africa Children’s Voice Uganda” wants to reawaken the African culture with their dances and rituals and let the love and joy of life of these fascinating music achieve the hearts of everyone. In combining with European style in music, dance and drama they create synergies with other people and cultures.

Fred himself is a passionate musician and trainer. His biggest dream is to build a Training and Home Center, where these children can live together and develop their talents in music, dance and drama.
With a Training and Home Center for children, Mbalu Fred wants to set an example. A meeting place, where children feel safe, protected and where they can develop their gifts and talents. And find the courage and strength to go their way in live.
He wants to build up a community where everybody supports each other. The focus lies on the equality of all humans.

At the moment we are looking for an investor, who wants to support and finance the Training and Home Center. On top of that we collect donations for school fees for 15 kids, a mini bus (Mode of transport to get to the shows and events), a computer for the office. As soon as we have found an investor, the project will be increased to 20 kids, who will find a new home in the Training and Home Center.
In addition other kids get the possibility to be trained in music, dance and drama, when they have fun and joy to be part of the project. They also participate at the shows and events.

Help for self help in order to achieve financial independence and being a successful and well thriving company “Spirit Africa Children’s Voice Uganda”
The company wants to present their shows in Uganda and Africa in churches, hotels, schools, on festivals and in their Training Center. Therefore they will take entrance fees with whom they can pay school fees, instruments and the trainer and staff of Spirit Africa.
In order to achieve financial independence of the organization, they also create business income generating vocational activities like handcraft, African art and design, computer lessons, chicken and animal rearing.

Mbalu Fred has the opinion that it is very important that we all live more a togetherness rather than against one another in our world. This change is already beginning in each of us, in our mind and hearts.
Empathy, community and mutual trust are the most important thing. Not only in the being together with their kids, also with their partners and investors.

Thanks for your support and help.
Your Team of Spirit Africa Children’s Voice Uganda

Latest project news

Für diese Bedarfe habe ich eine (Teil-)Auszahlung veranlasst:

  (Deleted User)  26 July 2016 at 03:31 PM

Diese Spendengelder setzen wir für die Schulgebühren der Kinder ein. In diesem Fall für Patrizia. Ohne ihre Unterstützung könnte Patrizia nicht zur Schule gehen.Und zur Freude aller, hat sie als Beste in ihrer Klasse abgeschlossen.

Es wurden 60,00 € Spendengelder für folgende Bedarfe beantragt:

Schulgebühren für 15 Kinder 60,00 €
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Gangu Village, Wakiso District


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