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The orphanage of East Africa

managed by T. Of East Aftica

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We are continually looking for volunteers for a variety of projects. Due to the orphanage being newly established there is still a lot of construction and work to be done to get us a permanent school and housing for the children. We would welcome volunteers who would like to create something permanent and aren't afraid of some heavy lifting! We have recently been donated a lot of building materials so we are getting closer to starting construction, therefore any volunteers willing to help get this aspect of the project off the ground would be great!

We have also been looking at ways to become more sustainable. Having help from volunteers to find ways of becoming more stable is always welcomed. So far volunteers have helped the children create a vegetable patch so we can grow our own vegetables to enable to feed the children daily. Projects such as this help the school and home a lot, and new ideas from volunteers help us progress.

Finally, and most importantly, are the children. Teaching and preparing the children for their future is the main focus of Sam's project. The project is always in need of teachers! The school has some local teachers, including Sam, however, volunteers make up for the majority of the teaching. From baby class up until the preparatory class the children are taught English and Maths, progressing from the basics. Preparatory class cover a variety of subjects from religion to science. All classes are taught in English, but volunteers tend to pick up a little bit of Swahili to help with baby and middle class. Anybody willing to help teaching any of the classes is hugely appreciated and would make a huge difference to the children's education. Interaction is also very important and the children love playing games, especially duck,duck,goose!

Anybody interested and wanting more information can contact us through or the Facebook page. We will also be able to help with putting you in contact with local hostels for accommodation.
The East African Orphan's and Street Children's Home has already had fantastic donations from kind volunteers and donors. The land itself was donated, along with the toilet building, the desks the children use and the vegetable garden. We have also recently been donated lots of building materials, but require further donations to continue the construction work for the orphanage.

The school also always in need of donations of school materials, such as exercise books, pens and pencils, and reading material.



T. Of East Aftica

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