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zixtech Organization

managed by Zixtech O.

About us

Zixtech Organization is primarily involved in Capacity building, promoting Entrepreneurship, ICT,community development, Volunteerism, Fundraising and alleviating poverty amongst youths, training, sensitization, and humanitarian activities aimed at improving the standards of living for underprivileged Cameroonians.

Our vision
We hope to improve the future.
Making the people, community and country better than the way it is. We give hope by improving the future.

Our Mission
Our Mission is to improve the inhabitants, Community, organizations. Zixtech Organization is concerned with issues of entrepreneurship, volunteering, ICT, Community development, empowering grassroot organizations, health and social work in Cameroon and Africa.

Aims and Objectives

We aim to provide the needed life line to help people improve their lives in Cameroon especially in rural communities. We identify their problems and seek possible ways to address them.

2. We aim to support people who are marginalized in the communities, be it due to physically handicapped, the elderly, people with mental illness, people with albinism and needy children.

3. We aim to create awareness and educate the community on issues affecting the well-being of their communities which includes communal hygiene, HIV/AIDS pandemic, recycling and climate change


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