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Mehrgenerationenhaus & Mütterzentrum

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About us

What's "MuM, Mehrgenerationenhaus & Mütterzentrum Münster e.V."?

MuM e.V. is appreciative with and for each in an open coffeehouse where the coffee is secondary.
The centerpiece of the club is the café with open offers on various topics. The visitors determine the offer if support in an open consultation with the employment agency or a legal information session for Testament creation, as required every six months to change the percentage bid.
So the colorful crowd of young and old, Christian or Muslim, grooming or parent with designed with the direction.
This is social work and education for the people, as is really likely assumed.

"Mum" is an association of 1996 by committed women from Münster Gievenbeck as Mütterzentrum and thus a focal point for women with children under the name - was founded "Mum Mothers & More".
In 2008, the M & M club for multigenerational house, a meeting place of all generations was; from "Mothers & More" was the "Mehrgenerationenhaus & Mütterzentrum".
The high number of visitors of the café, the playgroups and the open deals show how important MuM e.V. has become today.
The MuM club is something unique! Due to the positive development and the voluntary commitment of the visitors and members of the association, the offer constantly evolving demand-driven. It will be made an indispensable contribution to the people of this lively district.

Latest project news

Wir haben 48,71 € Spendengelder erhalten

  (Deleted User)  30 October 2019 at 05:19 PM

Wir freuen uns von den erhaltenen Spenden die Kinderbetreuung für unsere ehrenamtlichen Unterstützer*innen beimMittagstisch 50+ zu honorieren. Wir werden sie mit einem hübschen kleinen Geschenk aus dem örtlichen Buchladen überraschen.

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