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Paternoster Peoples' Partnership

managed by B. Rootman

About us

In Paternoster, a unique fishing village on South Africa’s sun-bleached West Coast, the villagers know that to survive modern-day economic challenges and at the same time ensure that the character of the town be upheld and safeguarded for future generations.
The Paternoster Peoples’ Partnership, a community initiative – for the people by the people - strives to empower the community to take charge of its destiny.
We do this by developing and maintaining solid future-orientated programmes that will create opportunities for the youth of Paternoster.
The Paternoster Peoples’ Partnership is actively involved in many actions – the Feed a Kid project, after school care, sports development, music, art and woodwork classes and skills development in various fields. This is actively supported by formal and informal initiatives in Paternoster.


St Augustine Street
South Africa

B. Rootman

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