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alihsarn foundation for muslim women

managed by a. alihsarn foundation

About us

About us/our back ground
Al’ihsarn Foundation for Muslim Women is a registered charitable trust/organization, found in 2011 by a group of female youths and registered in 2012 with of bringing hope in the lives of women (young and old) across Uganda and East Africa.
Our mission
We work to make the world a better place for destitute women, youth, children and the old in Uganda and East Africa through education, health care, provision of basic needs, justice, capacity building, human rights awareness and social – economic development.

As an organization, we work to ensure
Access to education, Basic social needs, health care, human rights awareness, capacity building, access to justice and Social - economic development.

Our vision
The vision of AFMW is the realization of a positive change in the lives of destitute women, youth and old across Uganda and East Africa.
We have a considered view that the role of women (of not only raising children but also ensuring financial security) is exceedingly fundamental to the wellbeing and survival of children and sustainable development of the country and region, that we are determined to empower, uplift and develop them through delivery of the above captioned services.
Our Values;
Fairness, equality, justice, non discrimination and transparent service delivery


luzira-mutungo route, butabika hospital junction

a. alihsarn foundation

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