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Valley of Truth Learning Centre

managed by Nixon A.

About us

Valley of Truth Learning Centre is a project which started in July 2007 in the capacity of Implementing Basic education, Feeding programme and spiritual growth in the line with the government development activities. The project is especially intended to reduce the problems of street children in Nairobi- Tassia village especially in terms of education , Feeding programme, and Christian values. Due high rate of orphan in this village which has increased number of orphans and disadvantaged children and or worsening their condition of living and education . However, the major goal of this project is to help disadvantaged children get an opportunity to study, feeding programme while at school and Christian values.
The first kids that we admitted went out and spread the gospel about Valley of Truth Learning Centre : thus the quality of basic education, feeding programme and Christian values that are being offered by this project. This made many guardians to come in and seek admission for the kids whom they are living with. Also, other kids are brought by neighbours of kids who are schooling at Valley of Truth.
The project is aimed at helping the needy kids, total orphans and those kids who have single parents. The project aims at enabling the above mentioned be able to get Basic Education, have a balanced diet at Valley of Truth Learning Center during school day and also enable them attain good Christian v Values.
The projects welcomes well wishers from within and outside Kenya who are willing to partner in bringing a difference in the lives of these kids at Valley of Truth Learning Centre. Any donations towards Valley of Truth Learning Centre will be channeled buying school desks . We also believe and trust in the Lord for well wishers who will come and support the feeding programme and Christian literature books.

Latest project news

Re: Second Term

  Nixon A.  17 May 2015 at 10:14 AM

I wish to thank God for having enabled  us to start this second term.  On behalf of Valley of  Truth Learning Centre, I welcome all our pupils and our staff as we start this  academic year together.

We had a wonderful graduation ceremony towards  the end of last term.  We were able to  award certificates to our Pre-Unit graduates.

We are facing challenges with the sitting arrangements for our pupils.  We are still trusting in the Lord for  more desks, chairs and lockers.

The upper grades (class3-class 7) had a training on  how to protect themselves for sexually diseases  and how the disease is treated.  They were being taught by a group  of professionals  from World- Hope organization.  The training took a period of 4 weeks ( Thursdays only for 1 hour) Finally they were awarded  with certificates  of participation.

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