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YouthBank International Network

managed by V. Ringland

About us

YouthBank International exists to support the development of new YouthBanks and enhance the capacity of country-wide networks. It provides a one-stop-shop for all individual YouthBanks and their members across the world by offering them practical support. It is a knowledge hub that provides access to information, materials, advice, networking contacts, opportunities to participate in seminars and conferences and much more.

Latest project news

I triggered a payout for these needs:

  V. Ringland  26 April 2016 at 02:40 PM

The funding will enable a YBI CEE event in Bucharest, 18 - 20th May. 16 Coordinators to plan future collaboration across the region. The event promotes YBIs intention to build regional hubs to promote, strong and prosperous local YB sites. In 2015 there were 143 YB sites distributing 785k to 819 projects benefitting over 124k young people. In 2016 the regional hub will seek to benefit from entrepreneurship  by harnessing business methods to address local social causes as well as increase by 10% the number of operating YB sites in the region.

A donation amount of €1,430.00 was requested for the following needs:

'Grow a Tenner' Challenge €1,000.00Stick that on your wall! €430.00
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