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About us

Greetings from Uganda Children Redemption Organization UCRO
Thank you for your concern.

The project is located in NYAKITUNDA Sub County in ISINGIRO District in Western Uganda. The District neighbors Tanzania just few Kilometers to reach the Boarder.
Its address is Uganda Children Redemption Organization
P.O.BOX 668
Email Address:

The Project begun with few pupils totaling 25 in number but the number kept increasing and now we have 212 pupils. A big number attend classes well but few rarely come. Uganda Children Redemption Organization is an Organization which was started in 2009 by Mr. Keneth Atwebembeire purposely to lobby and advocate for the rights of children especially the needy and the most vulnerable. The project under its motto “save our children” fights hard to make sure that a child accesses Education and better standards of leaving in future.
to the distances they travel to the project .Most children sleep at their homes because the project has insufficient funds to accommodate them.However, 5 stay at my home with my Parents.

Well, the project has got staff and non staff. They are only Five {7} teachers, one {1} cook and a project Bursar/cashier. The total Number of all the staff and non staff is 7 {eight}.Theyre is paid little salaries just from the parents contributions and friends and well wishers. Previously 2 went away because of paying them little salary and got jobs in other neighboring schools. However I was able to get the replacement by recruiting other teachers.

Concerning the classrooms, the project currently has 5 small classrooms and wishes to add on other two in future if the project grows. These classes are temporarily built using timber and they leak during rainy seasons, harbors fleas because they are not cemented and this create a poor learning environment for the children and of which is not at the standards
Currently we do not wish to have more classrooms but to put on standard the already existing ones for example changing the structures from timber to bricks.

For that case therefore, am here by soliciting funds to help construct classroom shelter for the children in need.
Thank you so much for your donation.

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closing my fundraising

  A. keneth  05 August 2016 at 10:35 AM


Hope your all well.

I tried to transfer funds and failed, so i decided to closet it

Thank you for your support.

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