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Smile On Me initiative

managed by Khene A.

About us

Smile On Me is an NGO concerned with the welfare of poor and vulnerable children. We currently are working projects concerning children with visual impairment, hunger, and reducing infant mortality. Our current base is Nigeria but we have plans to expand our influence to other African countries and other regions of the world. Our philosophy is that everyone has something to give - even a smile. Our prime focus is on children 16 years and below, however, we organize programs from time to time targeted at assisting children in poor families through empowering their parents. Our focus for this year is on eliminating child blindness and visual impairment in select regions of West Africa. Many visually impaired kids are already benefiting from this project an many more would as our revenue increases. We welcome donations, volunteers and other ideas. Please contact: or visit for more information


No. 8 Christiana Ajayi rd. Gwarimpa

Khene A.

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