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About us

von morgen
Mapping for Good

von morgen supports kindness, sustainability and joint action. Everything that brings a little happiness to our world. We believe that living in a de‐stressed, environmental‐friendly and trust‐worthy society, is already in progress. We want to support people in finding ways to embrace those values.

The Map von morgen is a website and app, that allows users to share their favorite places in the world. Places that are forward‐thinking and inspiring. The goal is to collect projects, companies and events that make a world of tomorrow, already experienceable today.

The users are enabled to rate these places according to 9 different criteria, such as "fairness", "transparency" and "diversity". Ultimately, the map will give an overview of how certain areas are established in their social welfare.

The entire content is crowd based and therefore seeks to create a clear and trust‐worthy base for people to find what they are looking for; and eventually participate in however they wish. On the counter side, projects and companies get an opportunity to connect to their communities and customers.

Different categories and filters will help navigate through the vast world of innovative projects. Users will be able to create personalized maps that can be shared with friends and family or embedded in other websites.

The world is full of places that are waiting to be explored. Because tomorrow starts today.


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