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Support Widows and Orphans Programme (SWOP)

managed by Concilia O.

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About us

Support Widows and Orphans Programme(SWOP) is a NGO Headquartered Kenya East Africa, with the initiative of supporting widows and orphans in Kenya and Africa at large with developmental, empowerment projects and resources that are community based. Due to the HIV AIDS, Ebola, and Diseases pandemics including Famine has led to increased poverty and lack of resources across Kenya and Africa as a whole. This has resulted in increased number of widows and orphans in Kenya and Africa as a whole which mostly depends on men as the head of households to provide for their families. With help from all corners the world, SWOP(Support Widows and Orphans Programme) is committed to providing developmental and empowerment projects and resources to all widows and orphans in Kenya and Africa as a whole.


P.O. BOX 49738

Concilia O.

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