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Republic Pilgrim

managed by Sven M.

About us

Charity Fund "Pilgrim" in Mariupol the largest rehabilitation project in the territory of Ukraine for adults and adolescents with drug dependency.

Today only at the Center for Children's Rehabilitation "Republic Pilgrim " there are about 70 children of the most complex social category that going through rehabilitation . These children used to live in basements and streets, most of which had a real and often very profound drug addiction.

From February 2000 through now more than 2,700 teenagers went through Children’s Center. Many children obtained legal custody, some children were adopted.

A few years ago at a charity fund "Pilgrim" started to operate another project, which aims to give every child a family. Now we already organized 4 family children's homes, which account for 8 to 13 children each. One of them is directed to adopt children with the status of HIV / AIDS. This is the only foster family of its kind in the territory of the former Soviet Union.

Along with the Children's Center operates a network of rehabilitation centers for adults. Starting at the "Church of Good Changes" in Mariupol, the project has already expended for more than 30 regions in Russia and Ukraine. Already thousands of people returned to normal life from drug addiction. In total, at the moment, these centers have more than 400 people with an extreme degree of addiction, going through rehabilitation process.

The Fund, also doing intensive work among people who are in prisons and TB hospitals, as well as active work with children with disabilities, and deaf people. If the Fund is operates an adaptation center that helps people who have undergone rehabilitation or returning from prisons, to enter into life, helping to restore the documents, to obtain employment and temporary housing.

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Spendengelder, die nicht mehr für das Projekt ausgegeben werden können

  (Deleted User)  28 October 2016 at 05:50 PM

Liebe Spender,
bei Projekten, bei denen Spendengelder über einen langen Zeitraum hinweg nicht angefordert wurden, sehen das Gesetz und unsere Nutzungsbedingungen vor, dass die Spenden von der gemeinnützigen AG (Betreiberin von zeitnah für deren satzungsmäßige Zwecke verwendet werden müssen.

Deshalb setzen wir die noch nicht verwendeten Spendengelder für diese Zwecke ein

Vielen Dank für Eure Unterstützung,

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