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Gat Educational and Training Project-

managed by A. Allan

About us

Gat Educational and Training Project (GETP) is not for profit charity, which established offices in Uganda in 2004. The organization has two major objectives; the furtherance of education and the general relief of poverty. The ethos of the charity is to establish sustainable, vocational training projects for disadvantaged groups. The ‘Modus-operandi’ of the charity is to work in conjunction with other organizations, in order to avoid the duplication of service in the face of scarce resources.

GETP undertakes projects, in order to achieve sustainability and maximize the
return to the projects; adopts business ethics and policies. Such policies include synergy, economies of scale, opportunity costing and jurisprudence. Examples of the above include working closely with UNICEF in India in which a vocational training project has been established for street children, in conjunction with a local NGO called AARAMBH.

The organization is governed by a Board of Directors and is run by a committed team of staff composing;
1. Program coordinator
2. Programme Manager
3. Social workers
4. Life skill lecturers
5. Carpentry Instructors
6. Tailoring Instructors
7. Machine man
8. Cook/cleaners
9. Watchman

On the local scene, GETP has been working for the empowerment and improved plight of vulnerable children since 2001 as a charity organization. Since that time, 400 orphans and vulnerable children have been empowered with vocational skills.

The project deals with vulnerable children such as street and community children from impoverished families based in Kabale districts. The project was founded in response to the increasing numbers of disadvantaged, out of school children commonly and negatively referred to as “street Children”. This increase has been mainly due to wars, AIDS, family breakdown and poverty.



A. Allan

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