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Uganda Integrated Community Based Projects

managed by Peter O.

About us

The poor and less privileged rural far to reach communities such as children, women, youths and men will benefit from the project.

I live in this very community and I grew up in this community and many have reached me with needs that I personally cannot solve it and so that is why the call you dear partners to help us reachout to such disadvantaged communities who need support in health, housing, food, clothing, school and many more.

The persons with need in the villages need help since the services are scarce and unreliable.
My work therefore is to request stand with us and make your support that will go directly in helping these communities who are in dire need. And this supported will be implemented through the grass root support.
The collected funds will go directly in supporting the these disadvantaged communities and it will help in building for them small shelters/house, farm the land in an improved way to provide food in order to cover the gap of food insecurity, support with clothing, support with medical health treatments though provision of health centres and schools to help the poor children access education.

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The need to support the needy is right now, join and support us

  Peter O.  13 November 2014 at 10:25 AM

It sounds painful that a big proportion of the populations in developing countries are still struggling with food insecurity, hunger and difficult life situations.


When I was aged 12 years young, my parents introduced me and my younger sibling to conventional farming through the use of a typical ordinary and local hoe for cultivating land until the land is well prepared for planting. Therefore every morning before going to school, the condition was that it must be garden work first. It was ever a very cold morning, with all the bush dew sprinkling on us and at times we would shed tears and wondering when we shall come out of this kind of situation. My parents would wake us up at exactly 5.00 or a little earlier when it is still dark to go to the garden / farm with a hoe in our hands ready to dig until 6.30 am when we again we get back home, do some washing then proceed to our then primary school called Wanyange in Jinja which was 5.2 kilometers away from home, remember we are going to school after garden work and still without even a cup of tea in our stomach.


At such a tender age, we felt it was a hard way of progressing in life but we kept on as it was an inevitable learning process. This was our source of food which was limited to cassava, beans, millet bread and maize flour. At school was another chaos going through the whole day without lunch again until 4.30pm, why? Because we as a family we were facing unbearable food insecurity at home, we must therefore and collectively fight and win this monster of hunger. Now when time for going home reaches, we begin trekking back home for another 5.2 kilometers and on arrival it was the same story, we very well knew that there was no food at home not even evening tea could my parents afford. Why? Why? Why? The food insecurity monster had hard hit our home and many others; help me to fight it and never to return to our communities. We are at home now and our only evening teas was a hoe back to the garden on moreover an empty stomach from about 5.00pm until 7.00pm then retire for home then try to wait for supper at about 8.00pm which was some miserable one meal survival each day for 3 years consecutively.


At my 17 years of age our Mum developed a sickness that we all could not understand and by this time I had joined my secondary school education now in senior two at Manjasi High school in my home district of Tororo. Mum was bed ridden for about 2 years and the illness went on up to five years and one time she even almost passed on, remember am the first born in a family of eight children and the rest were still young but I had to take on the role of making sure that there is food at home no matter the circumstances we were going through. I therefore took on a serious role to make sure I prepare the garden, plant, weed and harvest and bring the produce back home for drying, storage and prepare a meal for the rest of the family and at the same time I must make sure that I study and be able to pass my school tests, these were all coupled in this enthusiastic young man Peter Obbo now a father twins plus other 4 children and still handling the burdens of extended family as well. Around this time I had planted some rice which I harvested and got 400 kilos which I later sold and bought a cow and when the cow produced two, I sold them all and I bought land out of it which land now will be a home for the Project, what a joy that you can join me and offer me support to market this project come to a reality for the benefit of the local disadvantaged people in Uganda. in order to raise funding that will enable and cause long term lasting solutions to hunger and other basic needs of life such as shelter plus more in Uganda, kindly join hands with us and support us see this project taking root to help other people. Thank you so much for your kind support.

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Peter O.

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