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Run for Fun

managed by M. Viz

About us

At Run for Fun we are proud to kick of our first run of the season with our Charity Night Run.Our first run is dedicated to a marathon runner from Kenya, Wambugu who has been a huge inspiration to our running team. Wambugu has dedicated his running career to a group of sixteen children who have been orphaned due to HIV/AIDS.These kids are being educated and taken care of by Wambugu and his wife through their savings and Wambugu's running career. We are raising money to provide these children with books for school and we woud like to help Wambugu build a new house where these kids can live healthily and comfortably.Let's work together and raise money for the future of these children that they truly deserve.


18 Velke Namesti
500 03
Hradec Kralove
Czech Republic

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