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About us


...for holding the sources clean -
water, children, perception,
emotions, counciousness, finances...

pure-vision supports two actions:

The action of Chief Sonne Reyna, Peace Chief of the Yaqui Indians.
An Interview is on: - soon further documentations.

Chief Sonne Reynas goal is to feed all the hungry children and their families!
Therefor he prepares for a global Music and Art tour:
"Tsuname of Love" operating under (501c3 Peace Vision).

We plan to support Modell-Projects in Nepal and North India, in planting trees and ceeping the sources clean from the source. Like big companies, we want to make profit to still cheap working prices, and show that the capital of mankind are the skills, good health, compassion, the treasures and furtility of the Earth.

The project will start new life circles.
All öcological and social life comes evolve from sources.
Every obscuration shows up more clear in this perspective.
Who stops the more then enough goods of the Earth to come where they are needed. -

If we are realisticly, it starts also in the industry states to be difficult and we need to profit all together from
clean sources and new life circles.

There is a will to care for our athmosphere, natural resources, life quality, and to care for others starving, human and working rights. There is even a will to share, to integrity and to sustainable ways of investments, thats why we are here, soon more...


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