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Mother Earth Network

managed by Erick O.

About us

Mother Earth Network (M-e-net) is an international platform to plan for collective local, national and international advocacy, capacity building and awareness on environmental issues
The network was established as an issue based network, to coordinate collective advocacy for practical solutions to the problems affecting environment in Kenya.
Care for CREATION, for - MOTHER EARTH - has been an issue of concern for all Franciscans since the time of Francis himself. He is the chosen PATRON OF CREATION.Franciscans invite members of all FAITHS and people of Good Will to join the presented common network to give the care for Mother Earth a new push.

The Network is composed of civil societies, corporate bodies, faith-based organizations, government agencies and institutions of learning involved in Environmental conservation and management to provide advocacy synergies, dialogue and information sharing on issues affecting environment in Kenya.



Erick O.

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