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Mission For African Mothers

managed by N. Okiror

About us

MAM is a civil society not-for-profit/ charity organization incorporated in 2012 as a company limited by Guarantee under the laws of Uganda.

Our main goal is to highlight the plight of and empower single expectant mothers as a vulnerable group in society.

MAM is a grassroots community based integrated empowerment programme aimed at offering reproductive healthcare services, psycho social support, legal assistance and economic and entrepreneurial skills to single expectant mothers (SEMs) in order to liberate them health wise, emotionally, physically and financially for the welfare of their families.
Our vision
MAM’s vision is to improve and promote maternal healthcare and welfare of single expectant mothers for future development and evolution of humanity.
Our mission
MAM’s mission is to ensure that every single expectant mother overcomes stigma, poverty and pessimism that are stereotyped to single expectant mothers in order to raise a future generation that is empowered emotionally, physically and financially.

MAM campaigns to achieve a future generation regardless of tribe, race, nationality, gender or religion that is free from the effects of being raised by a single expectant mother in the face of self-pity, psychosomatic torture, poverty and feelings of pessimism.
Our objectives
To achieve MAM's mission and vision our operations and staff are guided by a set of objectives designed to promote vertical and horizontal accountability and responsibility, with the purposes of acting in the overall interests of the SEMs and the Community. MAM's objectives are:

1) Improving the reproductive health of single expectant mothers.
2) Promoting public awareness of the need to protect single expectant mothers and their health rights.
3) Formulating or assisting in formulation of policies that promote the management of matters related to single expectant mothers’ rights.
4) Advocating for provision of free reproductive health services to single expectant mothers.
5) Promoting positive aspects of cultural and traditional practices that encourage human and social responsibility of the community towards single expectant mothers.
6) Provide advice in planning and financial management services to or in connection with projects, programs and other relevant activities aimed at economically empowering the single expectant mothers.
7) Promoting single expectant mothers’ economic gains through socially enterprising projects.
Our core values
MAM’S core values are those values that we hold which form the foundation on which we work and underlie how we interact with each other, and the strategies we employ to fulfill our mission. They are the practices that we use every day in everything that we do and are designed to motivate staff towards professional excellence, innovation and productivity.
Our core values are:
I. Christ Centeredness: The organization recognizes the supremacy of Christ because success comes from seeking to glorify Christ. In a Christ-like manner, compassion and service to others is central in the offering of MAM services.

II. Non-discrimination: MAM is committed to a policy of non-discrimination and equal opportunity for all persons regardless of race, colour, religion, gender identity or disability. MAM is also committed to compliance with all applicable laws regarding non-discrimination.

III. High quality and standards of service. MAM shall strive to maintain high quality and standards in all its services as a priority and principle.

IV. Transparency and Honesty: MAM advocates for and practices transparency and honesty to all stakeholders and in all its internal and external dealings.

V. Unity and Respect: MAM is committed to Unity and respect of SEMs and all other stakeholders.

VI. Protection of the family unit and human development: MAM advocates for and is committed to upholding and protection of family unit and human development principles in the execution of her activities.

VII. Accountability: MAM is committed to being accountable to all its stakeholders in both financial and non-financial aspects of the organization.

Our beneficiaries
MAM's beneficiaries are those women/ girls who are faced with a life of turmoil over pregnancy regardless of whether they decide to raise the child, give the child up for adoption or terminate the pregnancy. These are the women who carry children that are as a result of /or that result into Gender Based Violence (GBV) such as rape, defilement and incest, polygamy, widowed, failed marriages and failed relationships.
These mothers experience a myriad of emotions; love, hate, shame, grief, and loss depending on the decisions they make. The impact is profound and continues to affect the children years after the conflict has ended.
The interventions needed to save these women and children are on the most part known and are based mainly on healthcare, welfare and economic empowerment.

Our Major Programs
Below we explain some of the vital programs which are designed to provide information on subsidized reproductive health insurance, parenting and nutrition, affordable transportation as well as referrals to legal aid for those who might need it and training in entrepreneurial skills.

Reproductive Healthcare and Welfare:
All pregnant women/girls are at risk and can develop complications at any time during pregnancy, delivery and after delivery. However, women and families can learn how to avoid unplanned pregnancies, and if pregnant, they can learn the importance of receiving antenatal care, how to identify danger signs, plan for emergency referrals, and choose safe birthing options.

When problems arise, and referral is timely, complications can be treated in health facilities that are adequately equipped with supplies, medications and fully staffed with competently trained health workers thus necessitating affordable Health Insurance for their well being.

MAM therefore improves the health and nutrition of vulnerable single mothers-to-be by providing quality reproductive/ maternal health services through, free reproductive medical insurance, advocacy and awareness drives which is fundamental to addressing many underlying causes of maternal and child mortality.

Economic empowerment:
Single expectant mothers and women in general bear all responsibility for meeting basic needs of their family, yet are systematically denied the resources, information and freedom of action they need to fulfill this responsibility due to gender imbalances.

Research has proved that majority of the world's poor are women. Two-thirds of the world's illiterates are female. Of the millions of school age children not in school, majority are girls; and today, HIV/AIDS is rapidly becoming a woman's disease. In several African countries, more than three-quarters of all young people living with HIV are women.

Current research has further revealed that there is a new sexually transmitted virus which is called the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) and it is the main cause of cervical cancer which has become the commonest type of cancer in women today primarily the sexually active women which puts all women and mothers at a high risk.
Since most of our beneficiaries are victims of sexual abuse, this puts them at a higher risk of acquiring the above mentioned STDs because they have no power to dictate on the level of protection required for their safety during intercourse.
Therefore by providing the SEMs easy access to credit, adequate training in various skills, education and instilling in them the importance of saving, will enable them to engage in income-generating activities that will facilitate them to increase their incomes and invest and sustain their health insurance and that of their families.
There is a saying that; “a financially engaged woman, is an empowered woman” regardless of her status.

MAM therefore, intensifies action to educate women, give them equal opportunities to access credit and economically empower them as a critical component in battling all of the above-mentioned ills.

Free legal aid/ legal insurance:
The history most of our beneficiaries’ pregnancies stems from abuse of human rights, domestic violence and sexual abuse such as rape, defilement, incest, sexual exploitation among others.
Secondly the pregnancies result into children who have a right to be cared and provided for by both their parents if both are still alive.
Therefore, these have to be continually addressed through legal redress to ensure that the children’s rights are protected and that justice is given to the victims and also for deterrence within the community and the country at large.
MAM therefore, offers these abused single expectant mothers a chance at justice for the crimes committed against them by offering the legal insurance and legal aid to them and their children.

Other Programs

Adult Literacy and Child Education

Women and Child Rights


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