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Pretty Development for Poverty Reduction (PDPR)

managed by I. Salingwa

About us

P.O.BOX 430, Njombe, Tanzania. Physical Address Itunduma Village,
Phone +255 0652556833 www.pdprngo.blogspot­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­.­c­o­m­­ E-mail:
Pretty Development for Poverty Reduction (PDPR) - is a local (Non-governmental Organization and non-profit making). Situated in Njombe district but operate in whole national (Zanzibar and Tanzania mainland), PDPR base in rural areas of Tanzania, target to serve women, children, youth and marginalized group who are small scale farmers and small business man in Rural areas.
Its registration No is 000NGO/006208. The organization runs its activities through the generous support and participation of individuals and interested global entities partners.
PDPR-works in partnership with rural communities on a wide range of development issues as herby listed agriculture, environmental conservation, capacity building, health, enterpreurship development, human rights, education, and mainstream cross-cutting issues in projects (HIV/AIDS, gender, drug abuse and globalizations).
PDPR - works under umbrella of (Njombe District Non- governmenatal Organization) NJODINGO, and her partners are ADPR, Kichiwa Farm, ARUPA, MabomaCompany, Upendo foundation. PDPR-have experience of working and Farmers and rural communities also has special team for rural activities and agricultural projects. The targeted populations by PDPR are youth, women, children, elders who are small scale farmers as small business man found in rural areas.
Activities implemented by PDPR since the establishment are Children rights and responsibility of societies in Mtwango ward, Essay writing competition to secondary school students on HIV/AIDS, Globalization, Environmental and climate change in Njombe region, Entrepreneurship skills, marketing skills and business skills training services to youth and secondary school students in Njombe and Dar es sallam for the past 15 months.

1. HIV/AIDS awareness to primary and secondary school students and youths in Mtwango, Igima and Utengule Wards.
2. Children rights and responsibilities to society. Njombe and Kinondoni Districts.
3. Entrepreneurship, life skills, mind set training to farmers, youth and government employees. Njombe, Dar es salaam Regions.
4. Climate change adaptation creation. Kichiwa ward.
1. Itunduma vocational training center and Farmers Development center, Mtwango ward.(Estimated cost US$ 11,042)
2. Building capacity to farmers, Farmers organizations, civil base Organization based in rural areas of Tanzania. (Estimated cost US$ 26,752)
3. Right of women in land, Civic education to youth and women, Njombe District (Estimated cost US$ 3067)
4. To mobilize the establishmet of financial instutions such as SACCOS or VSLA and farmers network.
5. Capacity building to vegitable growers in mwango ward (US$ 52,345)
6. PDPR FM Radio on 2017. Mbinga District (Estimated cost US$ 1901)
Itunduma village found in Njombe District, The majority of populations are substance farmers living under extreme poverty due to lack of formal and informal educations, life skills,mindset and other techniques that may will help to utilize the natural resources in their areas such as fertility land, water and forests and to improve the living standards. Also the farmer’s faces a lot of challenges in daily activities such as poor agriculture policy, lack of inputs, lack of market infrastructure, lack of financial institutions. The nearest town is 25 kilometers away, and transportation is not limited.
The median income per household is about $ 250.00 per year. About 16% of the population has HIV/AIDS and there are approximately 160 Orphans in the village, most due to AIDS – related death. There is limited access to water, and no electricity in some village. Total number of population is 3680


Itunduma, Mtwango

I. Salingwa

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