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Africa Youth Ministries

managed by Albert K.

About us

ECO BAGS: Is a livelihood project implemented by Africa Youth Ministries to empower Women Economically, to provide employment, and to save the environment. Eco Bags project, is an innovation of Recycling Cargo Fasteners into very beautiful shopping bags. Plastic Cargo fasteners can be found thrown everywhere in shopping malls/arcades and malls by traders who import goods most especially China, Dubai, Hong-Kong, Thailand, Taiwan, South Korea. Once they open their boxes, the cargo fasteners are thrown away for the municipal authorities to collect as rubbish. The Cargo fasteners Recycling Initiative hits 3 birds with one stone e.g. In fighting to protect the environment from non bio gradable plastic waste which cannot decompose, Create employment for unemployed and an educated youth, women, and girls, and fight poverty among the urban poor. Out of the Cargo strand recycling initiative, we have been able to make very beautiful, durable, washable shopping bags in different sizes, and pick-nick or prayer mats, for further details visit R

OTHER WOMEN LIVELIHOOD PROJECTS: In support of women economic empowerment, to fight poverty as a major AIDS Epidemic driver among women and girls in Africa, AYM implements the Women Poultry Projects in Urban areas, e.g. visit Besides, AYM also engages women in farming projects, for details visit

USED PLASTIC DRINKING STRAWS: Besides, the Cargo fasteners, the Eco Bags project, equally is engaged in recycling used plastic drinking straws into shopping bags, mats, glass covers, pencil bags, belts, sandals etc, to support and learn more about this project, kindly visit us at

CHALLENGES: Our biggest challenge in this project, is the cost associated to collecting the freely available materials in shopping malls. We only depend on hired transport to collect the Cargo fasteners. Our urgent appeal is for funds to buy a small van or truck to collect the Cargo strands & to distribute the shopping bags to shopping centres, markets, shops etc. We urgently need US$ 8,750 to buy the Van or Truck.

HOW YOU CAN HELP: To buy the Van or Small truck to collect Cargo strands and to distribute finished products to markets for sales, we urgently need US$ 8,750, your US$ 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 or more can help us save the environment, create employment, end poverty, Donate Now! it is safe and secure. For more information about this project, kindly drop us an email at OR call/text us at +256-793-200002


P.O. BOX 20029

Albert K.

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