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LUCKY TRIMMER e.V. - Verein zur Förderung von Tanz

managed by D. Markert

About us

LUCKY TRIMMER e.V. is a non-profit organisation aiming at promotion and support of contemporary dance, dance theatre, artistry and performative arts in general.

Aims & Duties:

- development, realisation and promotion of all kinds of dance, especially contemporary dance, dance theatre, artistry and performative arts
- organisation of related cultural events within Germany and internationally.
- initiation and organisation of cultural exchanges
- public & press relations in order to reach new audience viewers for contemporary dance
- initiation of new productions and support of artists via networking, fundraising, scholarships, public & press relations etc.

Probably the most important and sucessfull project of LUCKY TRIMMER e.V. is the LUCKY TRIMMER Dance Performance Series that exists since 2004. Its goal is to give as many local and international choreographers as possible a regular and cost-free platform for their current works, and to offer the public a wider diversity within the dance scene. Meanwhile its possible to award grants twice yearly to a selected series of artists and to present their current works to the Berlin public within the LUCKY TRIMMER Festival. Please visit for more information about this project.


Krausnickstraße 16

D. Markert

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