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Community Development Centre

managed by A. Charles

About us


"CDC visualizes a society in which peace, justice and equality prevail and wherein all citizens irrespective of caste, creed, language and religion live in peace and communal harmony. CDC also envisages a society where the poor, the marginalized and the under privileged have equal opportunity for their involvement in the development process which is value based and sustainable and also have an appropriate environment to develop their fullest potential."


"CDC actively supports and works towards a just and sustainable society by creating conditions for meaningful and disciplined involvement of all people and their organizations, in the development process which is based on macro approach and involves networking of the organizations at various appropriate levels.”


The Programs of CDC are undertaken with the close co-operation of its constituencies i.e. The rural poor and needy people, community based organization like women’s group, farmers, youth group, panchayat [Local Self Governance] and community are the partners of the organization.


 To built a healthy educated and empowered society.
 To work for families specially women, youth, SC. ST. and slum dwellers.
 To plan and implement through participatory method, health programs / education and development
 To implement developmental activities with the help of Govt., Non-Govt. and International organizations.
 To mobilize resources and infrastructure for all-round development of children.
 To provide self-employment in rural areas and reducing migration.
 To facilitate and encourage research, networking, advocacy, capacity building etc.


Opposite Maharishi Vidya Mandir

A. Charles

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