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Cancer Care for Needy Patients

managed by K. Rashid

About us


To provide cancer care for the patients who are financially insolvent to endure the cost of treatment.
To work as a team with Specified Hospital and their team of oncology experts & provide care to the most deserving patients after doing ourown independent assessment.
Cases are reviewed and a very personalized plan is being made for each patient keeping in lieu their family, psychosocial, emotional and financial needs.


In 2013....We were touched with the emerging Cancer Cases in Pakistan and lack of services especially for the non affording patients. We could see them suffer and die...
Ourjourney behan by faciliting 15 Cancer patients..
We are proud that today we stand with number of patients and their families who defeated Cancer and are now living healthy lives...
Our Dream is not fulfilled... We want to educate the community and his motivation has developed in the form of our first TV Documentary...

"Awareness Call For Cancer"

This documentary is a true story of 33 years old female patient, who was suffering from a deadly Cancer-Lymphoma. She and her family had lost all hope due to non availability of funds to treat the Cancer by the grace of Allah and our contacts, we provided her timely treatment. She is recovered and now living happily with her husband and four children.

Documentary creat by Meditation Production projects a message to the Community that
"we can beat Cancer if identified earlier and appropriate consultation with a Health Care Provider."


Community Based awareness campaign on grass root level.
To mobilize Pakistanis abroad and within Pakistan to able to collect enough funding and donations so as to help Cancer Care for Needy Patients.
Keep the whole process very fair and transparent so every one will have access to see our records.
Muster-support in Physicians in Pakistan so we can work along with them to help improve services.
Work on CME events for Pakistan, Palliative Care Needs for Cancer Patients such as Hospitals etc.

Future Plans!

Based on:
Primary Prevention.
Secondary Prevention.
Extension and Strengthening of Diagnostic, Therapeutic Services in the Community.


Office#2, 1st Floor, Jannat Arcade, Plot # 110, Commercial Area, Pakistan Town Phase II,

K. Rashid

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