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Commitment for Native Development Program (CNDP)

managed by S. Pervaiz Anjum

About us

Commitment for Native Development Program foundation(CNDP)

Foundation And Background:-

CNDP was founded in 2000.It was the times of Marshal law and the activities of social organizations were prohibited. There was a great need felt to raise voice against the morbid policies to choke development. CNDP with a group of its fundamental organizers took the task to restore he developmental atmosphere. CNDP shared the thought with other organizations working in the area and clustered them to make a chain for action. The voice of poor could not be reached to the ear of policy makers without the co-operation of local organizations. In this pursuit, a “Forum Of Activists” established to activate common people to the development of society.

Formulation of Network:-

Besides local organizations, CNDP has privilege to be supported by regional and international organizations. Networks of social organizations abroad play a part to strengthen CNDP.
Within Pakistan Social Action Forum (SAF) joins the coordination of several organizations under CNDP. A program of native coordination council has been started to bring CSOs and NGOs to a forum to work with CNDP. So that the results shall reach to the grass root level.
Affiliation, Cooperation and Collaboration with international organizations get started. CNDP has found a place in the Integrated Civil Society Database (iCSO) of United Nation’s Division of Economic and Social Affairs.
“Ammado” an Ireland based international forum for civil society organization has selected CNDP for its database in which a number of organizations, companies and volunteers worldwide come on one stage for cooperation among themselves.

Future inspiration of CNDP:-

The problems of Asian countries are identically poor, whether from Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan or any SARC country, deprived of his basic rights for better livelihood. A dream of poverty elimination is seen among all poor persons. Shortfall of basic rights diminishes and fades out these dreams. A abolition of child labor, discrimination in men and women at the point of delivery of the sustainable livelihood is a keynote to take the path to development. In South Asia, there is an exuberance of resources, but the missing of peace process cuts the roots or the tree of development. Children, women, peasants and commoners deprived of the basic needs and rights. Scarcity of opportunity of education tilts the structure of society. Even balanced food and healthcares for every citizen has been banished. CNDP hopes, with the cooperation of national and international organizations, put forth the fruit of development to deliver equally to all the members of society.

Thematic Focus:-

CNDP works on the fundamental themes to deliver:

Gender and Development.
Preservation of Cultural heritage.
Peace and Human security.
Poverty Alleviation.
Education & Health.
Maternal and Natal health.
Empowering women to earn their livelihood.
Environmental Protection.
Child Labor & Child abuse.
Basic Rights of men and women.
Agricultural Development.

Creating an Atmosphere of Cooperation in South Asia:-

The problems of people across Asia and the world are not similar but there is a linkage between them is poverty and lack of interaction among them. They are enable to get interact with each other to gain the benefit of experiences and resources. CNDP has an aspiration to bring the people of countries close together to cooperate with each other. Development of this region which is dropped from many decades may restore and the enmity on the ground of rational and religion hurdle in their relations be stopped for peaceful and prosperous region which has ample of resources to become the backbone of their development.

Organizational Structure of CNDP:-

CNDP is non-governmental, non-profit organization registered under Societies Act 1860.

Executive Body:-

This body consists of 24 members. Membership of the body is permanent. However, if any member resigns the seat of members remains vacant, the vacant seat is filled with electoral process of the general body.

Head Office:-

Lahore office is the head office of CNDP and Syed Shahid is current Executive Director.

Departments of Head Office:-

Capacity Building Department:-

The function of this department primarily is to enhance capacity of partner organization, intern, to motivate and mobilize people and to conduct training programs for the target groups. This department is responsible for the preparation of training material.

Advocacy & Networking Department:-

This department creates and develops linkages with people and other groups and propagates the fundamental working themes of CNDP. Also creates positive public opinion vis-à-vis the CNDP’s work. It continuously organizes meetings of CNDP’s target and groups.

Technical Support Department:-

This department provides technical assistance to CNDP for its programs and organizational work. It identify the needs of CNDP and its programs, prepare proposals of funds, support implementing and completion of programs.

Publication Department:-

All the publication and research materials to be published is the responsibility of this department.

Finance & Administration Department:-

The department caters to financial matters of CNDP and its projects. Administration and smooth functioning is a responsibility of this department.


Suite No.6,2nd floor,28 Civic Center,Mustafa Town.

S. Pervaiz Anjum

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