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About us

W I D is a registered NGO.Was started to in order to to focus on women in development activities regardless to their tribe, religious etc, aiming to recorganize their problems sorrounding them prioritize them and look for ways to alleviate them. the Organzition Vission is strong, creditable and dependeble organization that supplements government efforts in achieving social and economical justice and growth through the provisioon of effective humanitarian services in the community. mission is to improve the health of disadvantaged people especial PLWHAs, OVCs and grandmothers who are taking care of the Orphans to improve their living standard life in the community.
Activicties that are supported by WID organization to the community group are as follows:
i. Supporting OVCs and construction of houses to old grandmothers through comunity groups formed.
ii. Capacity bulding on project identification and group formation.
iii. Small organic wine processing industry establishment.
iv. Capacity building entrepreneurship
v. Training and workshops in agriculture,
Some of the achievements can be noted such as:
Ø Identifying total Orphans vulnerable children in the community especially girls support them in secondary school education, as per the moment we have 10 ladies and 5 boys who we are supporting them in secondary education school fees.
Ø Help women to recognize their positions in the community and fight for decision making position
Ø Youth development skills (tailoring and computer skills)



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