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Breakthrough Sports Academy

managed by M. Mposha

About us

Basic Information

* Founded in: 2003
* Located in: Lusaka, Zambia

Short Description:
The name Breakthrough Sports Academy nicely embodies an organization whose vision and practices employ football in innovative environments. Although the organization concerns itself with a broad gamut of social issues, the more notable projects include environmental clean-up projects involving football students and work in refugee camps to establish a football leagues. Its vision is to grow and become a pioneer in the use of football for development at the grassroots level. So far, BSA (since 2003) has demonstrated the effectiveness of incorporating social messages into a game so many Zambian youths love.

Target Group:

* Youths between the ages of four and sixteen

Thematic Field(s):

* Children's Rights & Education,
* Health Promotion
* Environment


Broads Road

M. Mposha

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