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Fundación Caras Felices

managed by P. Burgess

About us

The organization provides free cleft surgery to people who cannot afford it. This is realized in two different ways: by going to the patients in developing countries or bringing the patients to Marbella in Southern Spain.

1. Going to the patients
Dr Bart van de Ven and his colleagues bi-annually organize 2-week long missions to developing countries in order to conduct and teach cleft surgeries on affected children. An average of 100 children are helped every year. The cost of one operation performed in a developing country is around 200 €.
2. Bringing the patients to Marbella
Another plan came up after receiving desperate emails from parents or adult cleft patients around the world. Since it is inefficient and costly for us to travel to each country for a single patient, we intend to bring them to the hospital in Marbella, Spain. The expenses for bringing a patient accompanied by one person to Marbella is estimated to be in excess of 3000 €. Hospital costs are expensive, however we are working to have these reduced to 500 € or less.

Latest project news

3000 Euros left to raise

  P. Burgess  18 August 2009 at 11:51 AM

We are well on the way to raising all the funds for this mission. Children have been seen and all is more or less prepared. We are hopeful of a contribution from a security company who are offering transport and help with translation as well as hotel costs.

Hoping to get good new in th next week or so. However we need this final 3000 to nsure the mission goes according to plan.

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