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World Action Fund

managed by P. Odama

About us

About us
Community Based Organization formed and run by a group of Volunteers, irrespective of their race, culture, religion or social status. The organization was started in 2011 by 6 volunteers who at that time were concerned about some of the community members, mainly women and children who had lost a sense of belonging as a result of the aftermath of war and chronic poverty.

At that time, WAF served as a platform for experience sharing and comfort. Little did these members know that the 6-member group would one day become a big organization reaching and serving thousands of women and children once affected by war.
The WAF gained NGO status in 2014. WAF is now a fully registered local Non-Governmental Organization under the Non-Governmental Organizations Registration ACT, CAP.113 of the Republic of Uganda. Our Registered Charity No. 10625 and Company No. S.6914/11169

Our Goal
To increase the participation and involvement of war affected women and children in all developmental interventions aimed at improving on their livelihoods so as to be self-reliant
Our Vision
WAF’s vision is a community in which women and children are fully empowered to be self-reliant.
Our Mission
WAF’s mission is to provide support to war affected women and children who have no access to social services.

WAF Objectives:
• To promote the art of entrepreneurship among war affected women and children
• To provide war affected women and children with humanitarian and relief emergency services
• To rehabilitate war affected women and children.
• To offer Psychosocial support to war affected women and children
• To ensure that war affected women and children enjoy equal rights and opportunities
Our Programme Areas
I. Humanitarian and relief emergency services
II. Rehabilitation and integration of persons
III. Psychosocial support
IV. Policy advocacy and legal reforms e.g Land conflict resolutions
V. Advocacy on Health issues

Our Values
• Integrity
• Love
• Honesty
• Humility
• Transparency
• Selflessness
Our Area of Operation
WAF is operating in Arua district (Rhino Camp, Omugo, Pajulu, Oriama, Odupi Sub-counties) in West Nile region of Uganda with its Headquarters situated in Kampala, Uganda and Regional offices in Arua.

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  P. Odama  01 December 2014 at 09:31 AM

Dear Donor

We are grateful for your support to contributing to Ugandan community for this project
You are the most valued partner in the development of the vulnerable society in Uganda
We kindly urge you to support the community

Kind regards

Peter Odama

World Action Fund

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