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We help children in Kenya and other East African countries by supporting selected community-based organizations and children's centers there. "Tuma" is an abbreviation for "Tumaini" and means hope in Swahili. "Kimbi" stands for "Kimbilio", which means refuge.

Originally we were named Tareto Maa Germany e.V. and exclusively supported the Tareto Maa Center in Kenya. Today we provide assistance to various self-help groups and small organizations that care for orphans, girls who have had to flee from genital mutilation and forced marriage, as well as children who have been victims of violence or need help due to disabilities or serious illnesses.

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Auf dem Weg zur Uni / On their way to College

  Armin E.  14 July 2021 at 02:32 PM

Vier Mädchen des Mary Faith Centers haben ihren Highschool-Abschluss gemacht – mit so guten Noten, dass sie aufs College gehen können. Um Esther, Teresia, Mary und Elizabeth das Studium zu ermöglichen, hatten wir eine Spendenaktion gestartet. Mit großem Erfolg! Dank Eurer Spenden können die Mädchen nun ihre Zukunft weiter aktiv gestalten und aufs College bzw. auf die Universität gehen. Und: Da wir ihnen den Start ins Studium nun ermöglichen, stehen die Chancen gut, dass sie in den kommenden Jahren staatliche Unterstützung in Form von Stipendien erhalten. Wir wünschen den Mädchen viel Erfolg! 
Four girls at Mary Faith Center have graduated from high school – with grades so good they can proceed to college. To allow Esther, Teresia, Mary and Elizabeth to study, we had launched a fundraiser. With great success! Thanks to your donations, the girls can now continue to actively shape their future and go to college and university. And: since we are enabling them to pursue academic studies in the first place, there is a good chance that they will also receive government support in the form of scholarships in the years to come. Best of luck to you!

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