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Ntoroko Rural Development network (NTORUDEN) is a young organization of 25 individual centre members and 10 registered member organizations training the rural community in sustainable agriculture, natural environment conservation, savings/credit and tourism techniques. It started in 2007 and the idea was basically focusing on the suffering the people had gone through during the period of the allied democratic forces (ADF) who had forced people to leave their homes and belongings, loss of human lives, animals, crops etc.

The ADF war had great impact on the socio economic activities in Ntoroko district. A group of community members sat and decided to form an organization after the war had ended to see how they can fight poverty and achieve household incomes. NTORUDEN membership is drawn from mainly sustainable agriculture development organizations operating in Ntoroko district.


To enhance capacity of rural community based organizations to advocate, lobby, effectively manage ad sustain their initiatives
To enhance the capacity of poor households to sustainably meet their basic needs such as food, shelter, health, clothing and education
To improve the knowledge, skills and practices of rural farmers for increase of production, access to market and processing opportunities
To enhance capacities of NTORUDEN individual members and member organizations and their trainers to efficiently deliver quality services to the developing community members.
To widen knowledge and information base in sustainable agriculture, natural environment conservation, tourism and other related areas through research
To improve quality, quantity and value of agricultural products for better marketTo introduce revolving fund system as to promote household incomes in the district
To promote the implementation of the acquired knowledge holistically with gender sensitivity
To affiliate members with such charitable organizations through the exchange of information, ideas, course training and other related activities to promote unity and development in the district.
To lobby and advocate for support to development actors.

Conduct capacity building workshops, training and learning events for member organizations and partners in the district
To provide technical support to member organizations , promote marketing initiatives to enhance commercial farming in the district
To provide and link member organizations’ trainers to training opportunities to further improve their skillsOrganize exposure and exchange visits for members and partners in and outside the district
To collect and disseminate sustainable agriculture information through quarterly publications of agro-information and NTORUDEN news
To provide technical support to members and farmer groups in agri-business plan development and setting up of agro processing initiatives to add value to agriculture produce
To providing technical support to actors in natural environment conservation and tourism in the districtPromoting and supporting savings and credit initiatives in the district
To set up of agricultural training and information centre in the district

The network is operated by her members through the formation of committees and staff recruitment. It operates as a none-to:
Political ideologies but to follow the category of other NGO’s operating in Uganda

The network activities/programmes are implemented and owned by her members as guided in the constitution of the Network.



P. Rujabuka

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