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Literates Welfare Association (LAW)

managed by G. Venkatesan

About us

Literates Welfare Association (LAW) is a registered non-profit voluntary organization, Registered under Tamilnadu Society Registration Act of 1975, Ministry of Home Affairs under Foreign Contribution Regulation Act and 12 A(a),80G tax exemption Act. Registration No.36/93, FCRA Registration No. 075950008. LAW is formed by a dedicated committed youth in Theni District of Tamilnadu in the year 1992. Mr. G. Venkatesan, Secretary of LAW who is authorized person of LAW for implementing, communication, evaluating the organization activities. LAW has 9 Executive committee members, 18 full time staff and 4 part time, 36 volunteers for implementing their rural development activities.

Background of the organization:

Mayiladumparai Block is situated at the Foot-hills of Western Ghat Hills in Theni District, a remote corner of the District in Tamil Nadu. This block is declared as industrially backward since Industries are completely absent. Agriculture is the main occupation. Farmers are depending upon North - east monsoon for their farming activities. But agriculture is not a thriving profession, since monsoon fails regularly in this area and the farmers are not using improved methods of agriculture. Majority of the population are agriculture laborers getting job opportunities only in the season and in off-season they are jobless, becoming poorer and poorer, indebted to the local moneylenders, struggling for their daily bread. Under this circumstance, they are helpless, find it very difficult to run their family and their living condition is precarious and miserable. So, some of them migrated to the nearby plantations in Western Ghat Hills or to the cities like Chennai, Bangalore, Tiruppur in search of employment opportunities. Considering the pathetic situation of these poor unfortunate people, Mr. Venkatesan in cooperation with some of the like-minded social workers had established Literate Welfare Association to work for the welfare of these people.

The prime purpose of the organization is to extend a helping hand to the poor people through implementing welfare oriented and developmental programs so that they may be able to receive and taste the fruits of these programs, the things that were denied to them and kept beyond their reach. Economic empowerment and social uplift of women, marginalized, disadvantaged, vulnerable and socially excluded community is the key thrust areas of our organization.


A society in which all the people live with pride, prosperous, free from poverty, bondage, violence, rights violations, health hazards and health risks, and have necessary personal qualities, individual and collective infrastructures.


Empowering and developing the target communities to build their own environment, necessary structures and systems, solve their own problems and issues and to have control over all round development process and their destiny through assertion of their socio-economic and political rights, to effectively use their collective power to enjoy good governance and to intervene effectively through Networks of community based organizations in all issues.

Main goals of the organization:

a. Empowering women socially, economically and politically to achieve equality in opportunity and status and gain the capacity for communit5y leadership, personal autonomy and economic liberty through awareness campaigns, advocacy interventions, vocational trainings and entrepreneurial initiatives.
b. Liberating the children from violence and exploitation and shaping them into responsible, healthy and educated citizens, as a part of the personal, family, local and national overall development through childhood protection and promotion activities.
c. Reduction of poverty and increasing the standard of life of the rural poor marginalized and disadvantaged community.
d. Promoting and protecting the rights of women, marginalized, disadvantaged, vulnerable and indigenous and socially excluded people through awareness campaigns, seminars, workshops, motivational training and cultural programs.
e. Eradication of poverty and enhancement of the standard of life, both socially and economically of the rural downtrodden, marginalized, disadvantaged and socially excluded masses.
f. Creating a clean, healthy and unpolluted environment for the target communities.
g. Creation of responsible citizens to play their roles effectively in the society and lead their life in barrier frees way.

Current activities are:

Environmental education to school children, farmers, women Self help groups.
Tribal children's school
creche for poor working mother's children
Family counseling centre.
Vocational Skill Training for destitutes, dropout youths and adolescent migrant labours.
Self help group formation and promotional activities for women, adolescent, disabled person and farmes.
Students Library for developing reading and writing skills.
Climate Change and Earth Science Awareness Programme for college students.
Creating awareness on Ill effects of Plastics on messge on the wheels.
Awareness Generation Programme for women.
HIV/AIDS Awareness to women and HIDS affescted parenets, children's.

Latest project news

Please Donate Our programme on Providing Lunch, Cloth and Study materials to Tribal children

  G. Venkatesan  19 October 2015 at 06:19 AM

We got support from Anandhashram, Kerala for material to Tribal children our working area Kadamalaikundu-Mayiladumparai block of Theni District, Tamilnadu state, India.

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Kadamalaikundu, G.H. Road.

G. Venkatesan

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