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Isiseko Literacy Project

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About us

The Isiseko Literacy Project ('the project') is a community-based literacy project in Khayelitsha township, Cape Town, South Africa. The main objective is to improve the low rate of literacy among poor children, and also to involve communities among the local population. The project receives no funding from the South African or Provincial governments and so it depends on donations from individuals and small organisations. Isiseko is Xhosa and means 'a foundation'.
The project is currently run by eight volunteers from the community, some of whom are professional teachers. The project is operating out of a day-care centre three days a week including Saturdays. Our activities include teaching writing and reading skills to local disadvantaged children, many of whom live in informal settlements. In addition, we also teach arts and basic computer skills. Due to the Apartheid legacy, the illiteracy rate among the poor black majority is still high, as many black children do not have access to the same educational opportunities to develop literacy skills as those enjoyed by their middle class counterparts.

We believe this project will particularly benefit learners because:
Unlike other educational projects it is based and driven by the community members.
It is located amongst where community members live – in South Africa most NGOs and projects are based in white suburbs, making it very difficult for many black people to access.
We have adopted a polytechnic approach so as to equip our children with various lifeskills. Our school project is not based on competition, like traditional schools.
We teach learners in their indigenous language, Isixhosa, and give individual attention.
We strive to create a relaxed and calm learning environment, given the difficult circumstances many live with at home.
The program is completed by art-, craft- and game-units, as we believe in an integral way of learning

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