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Latin Flavor Uganda

managed by S. Ibanda

About us

Latin Flavor Uganda (LFU) was founded in 2007 by Samuel Ibanda, a performer, dance instructor and choreographer. Samuel Ibanda has been training dancers, who joined Latin Flavor Uganda, voluntarily since the beginning of LFU. The main event by Latin Flavor Uganda is the monthly show, Latin Flavor Night, at the Uganda National Cultural Centre, where the audience is educated and entertained by performances of Latin dances such as salsa, tango, rumba, samba, etc.The purpose of Latin Flavor Uganda’s performances is to communicate the peace of mind and the stress-free life dance can give someone. Moreover, LFU uses its performances to bring up issues the concern the Ugandan society e.g. HIV/AIDS, Human Rights, the relationship between men and women, health, alcohol abuse, unemployment. Furthermore it makes the audience enjoy themselves. Latin Flavor Uganda is known for using the Latin style dances to move people and keep them joyous and at the same time make them think about social issues. These performances have been going on for seven years now and are still ongoing.
The comany´s mission is drawing attention to ways of using physical abilities and exposing them to Ugandans as well as to an international audience. By creating awareness of the Ugandan resources it will be possible for the project to generate work relations as well as networking opportunities and new collaborations both nationally and internationally. Furthermore, Latin Flavor Uganda aimes to raise awareness to social issues which are normally little discussed in society. LFU wants to bring these topics to the public by using Latin Dances.
The Latin dances are an important part of this project because the Latin rhythms are attached to the African rhythms – it is important that the Ugandan people understand that this cultural heritage is part of them. Furthermore, the project wants to create awareness of dance by introducing more people to dance. Although Latin Dances evolved from African rhythms Ugandas do not know about Latin Dances and they are not fully accepted in Ugandan society. In addition, LFU lays an emphasis on dance as a way of making a livelihood.

Latest project news

I triggered a payout for these needs:

  (Deleted User)  05 January 2015 at 05:12 PM

Die gesammelten Gelder werden eingesetzt um ein Teil der Miete für den Proberaum im Januar zu bezahlen sowie für die Transportkosten der Tänzer zu Proben und zum Auftritt.

A donation amount of €245.00 was requested for the following needs:

Rent rehearsal space €165.00Allowances for voluntary dancers €80.00
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