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Give Something Back to Berlin

managed by Lorna C.

About us

Give Something Back To Berlin is an initiative to help new Berliners get socially involved. It's about mixing, learning and sharing; about breaking down barriers between ”us” and ”them” and giving back to a city that we love. The idea is simple - through our online platform people can easily donate their time and skills to a local initiative that helps improve the city and people’s lives. One part Berlin DIY, one part social engagement and one part social media makes a great equation for exciting collaborations!


Berlin is by far one of the world’s most exciting cities, full of great people, possibilities, inspiration and the freedom to shape things differently. With its largest population since before World War II, Berlin is quickly becoming an international metropolis in the broadest sense. The official numbers state that over the next few years 25 000 - 40 000 people will move here each year to study, work and try out new and different ideas and lifestyles. But Berlin is not only an international hub of creativity and possibility. The city has also been struggling with severe social problems and poverty for a long time. At the same time the unique ”Berliner mischung” is threatened as less privileged people are pushed out of the city center due to rapidly rising rents and a growing lack of housing.

But Berlin is Berlin for a reason. Few cities would know what people with ideas and a will to action can accomplish: new things, different things, big things. As a natural part of Berlin's city landscape Give Something Back To Berlin wants to make it easier for new Berliners to get involved and contribute to the local community. Coming from all over the world, we are not only Berlin-fans but are also often curious, open minded and creative. Being immigrants (with all its pros and cons), it is sometimes a bit more difficult to find the right channels for community engagement than it is for the average German. This is where Give Something Back To Berlin comes in!


It doesn’t matter if you don't speak German – everyone has something to give! Every project task will include information about if, and in that case how much German you need to know. By the way, getting involved can be a great way of being exposed to and practicing your German!


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Lorna C.

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