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Basketball Leben e.V.

managed by Sandy L.

About us

In sports it doesn’t matter where you come from! It doesn’t matter if you are a Roma or an orphan, if your parents are farmers or carpenters. The only thing that matters is to fight for mutual goals and shared ambitions. With the establishment of our Club “Basketball Leben e.V.” we want to give the Kids of Bögöz a good sporting prospect and at the same time teach them values such as respect, solidarity and tolerance. The children and teenagers of Bögöz have only rare opportunities – sport and free time activities do not exist. Even at school sport lessons are hold in a classroom. By establishing a basketball team the Kids can now enjoy their spare time.

Latest project news

Wir haben 141,37 € Spendengelder erhalten

  Sandy L.  30 November 2022 at 05:17 PM

Das Training findet nun wieder in der Halle statt. Die Basketbälle wurden den ganzen Sommer gut genutzt. Der Asphalt auf dem Freiplatz hat ihnen zugesetzt, sodass wir dringend neue Bälle benötigen. Mit den Spendengeldern werden wir neue Bälle kaufen.

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Sandy L.

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