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Bliss Women and Children Project

managed by Esther G.

About us

The Bliss Women and Children Project is an initiative based in Kaptembwo - one of the poorest parts of Nakuru, Kenya. We work with more than 80 children and over 100 women. The people we work with live in extreme poverty. Our goal is to help them take a step out of poverty, by tackling the root causes, In this regard, we have a number of projects, including the following:
- Free preschool - we offer a free preschool for kids aged 3-7 years;
- Feeding Project - we offer two hot meals per day for more than 80 kids;
- Orphan Project - this project meets the basic needs of kids who are orphaned or abandoned;
- Micro credit Project - this initiative helps to support women's small businesses;
- Handicrafts and Baking Project - this project teaches women new skills and provides a venue for them to put these skills into practice.

Get Involved:
There are a number of ways to get involved with Bliss. You can volunteer in person (in Nakuru). You can volunteer online (fundraising). You can sponsor a child, support a woman's project, or make a one-time donation.

Anything you choose to do would be very appreciated!

For more information, please check out or contact Esther ,



Esther G.

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