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Nissi orphanage

managed by J. Nyabwogi

About us

Poverty in Narok District is widespread. Unfortunatelly, the inadequate infrastructure and limited natural resources of the area, the wildlife-human conflict, and also the Maasai culture (where a good percentage of men spend their early adult life as warriors in the forest), lead to poor education and very limited job opportunities, and to alcohol or drug abuse.

In addition, Narok's district has also been severely affected by HIV/AIDS and the disruptions during 2007 elections.

All of the above phenomena have resulted in a significant number of orphaned, abandoned and vulnerable children.Nissi orphanage was created as a safe haven for destitute children. The orphanage cares for 55 children, 25 of whom were orphaned due to HIV/AIDS (10 are HIV+), 4 were abandoned on the streets and 26 were displaced during the 2007 post-election violence. Of the total:

25 are boys ranging in age from 4 -15 years,
30 are girls ranging in age from 3 -16 years.

The Nissi Orphange is located in simple rented facilities in Narok town. The orphanage serves the entire community and accepts children from all tribes and faiths. Nissi cooperates and collaborates with other groups in the community that are addressing the needs of vulnerable children.

Nissi is the only orphanage in the area. Except for its own income generating efforts (notably farming), it survives, almost exclusively, on small contributions from a few benefactors in the community. However, due to the worsening economy some of this support is no longer available. Government assistance is limited to providing free ARVs to HIV+ orphans. With such meager levels of assistance, only the very basic needs of the children can be met (eg: children sleep on shared mattresses on dirt floors).Nissi is run by 2 directors and a 5-member Board. Among the board members, we have a doctor, an accountant and a graduate teacher. We meet weekly to discuss programs and to make decisions.

I Johnson I'm married with 4 children-one girl and 3 boys. I am the piooner of Nissi orphanage and was thrilled to tace care of orphans and street kids because I myself was an orphan and was taken care and educated by missionaries.

Latest project news


  J. Nyabwogi  16 March 2014 at 12:01 PM

As You are aware, we began this project operating in rental structures, but since June 2012, we have managed to purchase land{through donor] and built an orphanage structure{temporal}. The school is incomplete as other classrooms are only built to rental. The total population attending in school is 120 and at the orphanage, we accommodate 55 kids. For more information, visit our website{}. Nissi is a platform for everyone who wish ti improve a life/lives of the underprivileged ones. We welcome your donation should be 10 EURO. or more knowing that it will create a difference at Nissi.

Right now we are faced with a tragedy as recently there occurred a strong wind that took off  all the roofs of the the school. Any donation on this will greatly help to repair.

God bless,

Nissi orphanage and school,

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J. Nyabwogi

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