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managed by Andreas I.

About us

The CROPSTER.ORG initiative was founded due to the urgent need of providing certain organizations and projects with long term information management solutions for high value crop supply chains. It has a commercial background to guarantee sustainability, but operates as an organization, which seeks to target and foster development projects.

Our vision is to bring more information and transparency to the world of specialty crops (e.g. coffee). The new tool enables full product tracing, helps organizing sourcing strategies and lets customers know many details about the product they buy.

CROPSTER.ORG are NOT just another intermediary in product trading since we are NOT trading ourself - we only enable fair and efficient trade relations through user tailored producer and product information.

Social Problem

The majority of agriculture producers are small scale farmers. The producers often do not have a chance to survive by the declining price level in the commodity market. The small area of their farms does not allow them to increase productivity so that they can compensate the loss.

Our Solution

With our platform C-sar we focus on integrating all stakeholders of high value crop supply chains. Through integrated market information and production feedback loops, we support all members to increase efficiency, improve and monitor their product development. Doing so, the producer receives necessary information to act actively on the market and to be a reliable business partner.


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