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Mmanze Centre for Rural Development and Training

managed by J. Savolainen

About us

The Mmanze Centre for Rural Development & Training ( MACERUDET) is a local community-based NGO in Uganda mainly developing and managing self-help community projects in all the welfare works related fields with 20 years’ experience. The Mmanze Centre takes its name from the Mmanze community, one of the communities of the Masulita sub-county.

The organization already successfully served out the creation of the Busaawa-Mmanze Health Centre III, the Holy Cross Namutenga Community Orphanage Primary School and the Mmanze Community Secondary School. In 2005 the NGO managed a tree re-planting project to oppose the harming practice of burning charcoal and get firewood for selling scopes. MACERUDET also conducted campaigns to inform the community on the HIV/AIDS diseases and prevent children diseases developing awareness on vaccination practices among parents.

Latest project news

I triggered a payout for these needs:

  J. Savolainen  29 November 2016 at 05:48 PM

Thank you for everyone for your kind donations. As we managed to collect just a portion of the requested amount, we have decided to use the gathered amount to the help of orphaned children instead of the greenhouse project. So, the amount of € 31.00 will be used to purchase everyday school items to orphaned school children in the Mmanze community.

A donation amount of €31.00 was requested for the following needs:

Agrochemicals and fertilizers for a season €31.00
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Mmanze, Masulita sub-county

J. Savolainen

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