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About us

Over the past four years, MASO successfully planned and implemented several projects aimed at empowering women. The focus area of MASO is to empower women economically because when women starts generating income; domestic violence against them goes down consequently.

One of the best examples of MASO’s expertise in the proposed project area is its proven record of building the capacities of women via initiatives such as the dairy project under which women were trained in livestock and dairy production, preservation and sale. The outcome: economic condition of a majority of the beneficiaries boosted, resulting in decreased economic, psychological and domestic violence against them.

Another example of MASO’s expertise is its provision of so loans, fertilizers and seeds to women who were vulnerable and dependent on agriculture to earn their living. The project was yet another success. Not only did the beneficiaries return the loan, their economic condition also improved, leading to beer quality of life and lesser violence against them.

Other projects that contributed to the economic empowerment of women of the mountain area include training in food processing, sewing and provision of cash for work in addition to a series of learning and training workshops in leadership and enterprise development.


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