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Internationaler Club der Schlitzohren e.V.

managed by M. van Ackern

About us

The aim of the Internationale Club der Schlitzohren is to help children in need worldwide.
In order to reach this aim elegible projects will be chosen and charitable donations used.

The organization is a 100% non profit organization.

Every year a celebrity is awarded with a prize money. It is mandatory that the money is donated to a care project for children for which the celebrity is responsible.

The organization is proud of the prize winners who have been nominated "Das Goldene Schlitzohr": Ephraim Kishon, Sir Peter Ustinov, Karl Kardinal Lehmann, Jean-Claude Juncker, Lothar Späth, Johannes Rau, Wim Duisenberg, Hans Dietrich Genscher, Mario Adorf, just a few to mention.

Latest project news

Report 12.02.2012 – Completion of Project

  M. van Ackern  12 February 2012 at 06:26 PM

It took some time to complete our project due to various problems. We have finally succeeded to install a toilet and bathroom. By this means we could improve the hygenic conditions for the village community significantly.

Furthermore the well and waterpump were also completed. Please find our pictures enclosed.

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Nachbarsweg 25
Mülheim an der Ruhr

M. van Ackern

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