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Broken Chains

managed by Broken C.

About us

Our Mission

Broken chains is a Human rights organization which provides various areas of help, such as providing education sources to defeat major areas of discrimination. We study and address matters which are occurring around the world today, our aim is to inspire and unite others regardless of religion, sexuality, race or gender. Broken Chains fights for the needs of human equality, we also respond to those who are victims of conflicts and natural disasters.

We provide the basic needs and support to those who have been victims of these causes.
Our aim is to create solutions and attack matters without the need of violence or weaponry. Broken Chains supports those who are in need of help, by being the louder voice to those who are afraid and can only whisper. We can only progress with this by educating others on each matter.

We organise events and stands to create awareness and to make a statement. One of our methods of educating is done in a form of case study.

We understand that it is difficult to change an opinion without giving a right reason to do so, in saying that providing case studies has proven to be a good educational tool. It gives one the opportunity to acquire a better understanding of a particular subject and make one’s own decision about how they feel on the issue. We believe that the strategies we use to cover each topic definitely contribute to individual changes.

We believe that people of all beliefs and all walks of life, should be united as one to help make these issues history by contributing to the basic needs of others such as freedom, happiness, safety, health and education.

We need to take a stand for what we believe in, and inspire others to do the same.


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