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ASASS - Burundi

managed by J. KAMWENUBUSA

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ASASS-Burundi (Association pour la Solidarité et l'Assistance Socio-Sanitaire)
BURUNDI Library Resource Centers Project (BLRC)

In Burundi more than 60% of students (of all ages) go to school without a single textbook in hand. Everyday, students come back from school with homework but no resources to help them learning.
This leads to the following problems:
-Poor grades in classes
-Negative reputation of service teaching at school level and country level, which further leads to poor attendance rates.
-Lack of motivation and interest and a sense of hopelessness both in teachers and in students.
-Almost 90% of Burundians have not cultivated the habit of reading to the extent that even the literate are fast losing their reading skills. Consequently, they are unable to keep abreast of current developments in Africa and the rest of the world, completely unprepared vis-a-vis the fast changing environment at the economic, social, environmental and political level, which still strongly impacts the quality of their lives.
-53% of the schools in the 121 districts in the country have no classroom supplies and no learning environment,
-Teachers do not have access to library resources, which therefore are not incorporated in the learning process.
-Students are not allowed to take books home; thus no learning takes place outside class hours, and parents cannot afford to purchase reading material as most families make less than $1 per day.

With the help of 22.000 books have been collected for Burundi, we now need 17000 USD for the shipment from USA to Burundi. You can monitor the progress at

At ASASS we believe that education and books are key resources for development and sustainability, help us get these resources where they are most needed. Every little help is very precious and appreciated.

Latest project news

Library project progress in Burundi

  J. KAMWENUBUSA  04 July 2009 at 04:22 PM


I am pleased to inform you that we have worked to raise the books for local school in Burundi.

After founding donors of a container in USA, we have stood up to collect funds for shipping the container. We need 17.000 USD, but donors have donated 4600 USD. We still need your help to achieve the goal.

If we ship the books, we have wisely planned to launch courses, as we have professors teaching in various universities schools. The Organisation has 15 professors who will coordinate the LIBRARY project.

We hope to tie partnership with individuals and global communities worldwide.



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