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Childline Uganda

managed by S. Tomusange

About us

Childline Uganda is a Non governmental Organization (NGO) in Uganda helping children Infected with HIV/AIDS, needy orphans and the most poor in the community of Mityana district. We are fundraising for food support, materials for school like books, pens and pencils, shoes, clothes, school fees and other basic needs for 200 children infected with HIV/AIDS 100 orphaned needy children in the community to attain education. So whoever would love these children to have also education in order to lighten their future please we ask you to send your support to us for the love of children.
Look at those beers you booze everyday, why don't you sacrifice one for the needy HIV infected child in uganda? Just $ 14 can pay school fees for a child.
Please contact us at for your contribution.

Thank you!

Latest project news

Teaching of children

  S. Tomusange  10 February 2014 at 05:02 PM

We do inform the general public and all our supporters that we have started the school for helping the vulnerable children in Mityana - Uganda. We are very happy that most of our children are now at the school but only a few around 50 children have not yet joined mostly because we do not have where to put them for accommodation.
We therefore ask anyone who would like to help us in this cause for educating the vulnerable children, can help them with scholastic materials, food, clothing and finding a place where we can keep those who do not have where to sleep.

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