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Rural Development Foundation

managed by Andreas K.

About us

The society´s goal is to try to save human life. There are already 34 students being supported by the society. More than 200 students still lack of proper education. The main problems of people we work with are poverty of food and financial and material needs like clothes, electricity, school books etc. Some children live under bad conditions, having either no parents or a father and mother who work very hard in order to get out of their dramatic financial problems. Consequently, these children are likely to get neglected in love and care. Our society´s goal is to save children´s life by protecting them from social hardships, by offering education rooted in Indian culture. Students need at least a blackboard, tables, chairs, pens and pencils, books, clothes and, of course, teachers. All society members work cooperatively, giving their best to make a change in human lifes. The society doesn´t try to set up a school but to help needy people in general.


806 Village Ambagan

Andreas K.

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