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Ductu Foundation

managed by Verkijika D.

About us

In accordance with the provisions of law No.90/53 of 19/12/1990, amended in 1999 regulating the law of associations in Cameroon, Ductu foundation is a voluntary, non-profit making, apolitical, development association, for guidance, counseling and youth development as proposed by the UNESCO guidance, counseling and youth development program modules for Africa, especially for the underprivileged, those in rural areas, females, and minorities, but nonetheless for Cameroonians of all origin and situation

In general, our programs can help youths to Increases self-knowledge, know how to relate effectively to others, Broaden their knowledge about the changing environment, Help them reach their fullest academic and extracurricular potential, Provide opportunities for career exploration, planning and decision-making. As well provide parents with support for their child’s educational and personal development. Increase opportunities for parental involvement in the education and growth of the child and equip parents with skills necessary to support their child.
Building high moral, ethical and professional skills can help to enhance the image of youth in the community, reduces riots and mal habits like corruption, and improve the general appearance of the community and create a morally upright society which allows for systematic evaluation and provides a structure which can be easily monitored.

Also for the growth of our communities, Businesses, Industry, and the Labor Market, our programs can help to provide the potential for a well-informed workforce, with positive attitudes and the necessary skills. Also provide an opportunity for collaboration with teachers and parents in preparing youth for the world of work, through participation in career fairs, and other career guidance activities.

Through our systematic method of planning, designing, implementation and evaluation, our program leaders and coordinators ensure that the impact of the program is greatly felt and that it benefits each youth as a person, our communities and the country as a whole.



Verkijika D.

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