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Restoration Village Project

managed by FURKAN A.

About us

Restoration village project and support program is a program that focuses in providing care and support to the orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) in a home/family based context, empowering the families and communities socially and economically to a level that they can sustain themselves and live quality life and with dignity and it also emphasizes on connecting volunteers with local residence contribute to development projects and ideas initiated by the community.

The program is located in the community and is expected to reach between 150-200 OVC, over 50 families/caregivers yearly.

The project emphasizes on:

Enabling OVC to reach their full potential by providing material, social, spiritual, psychological support and care.

Keeping families together in a community context.

Establishing community- based projects and coordinating structures to ensure sustainability.

Careful monitoring and evaluation and recording in order to facilitate growth (replication) of the programme.




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