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Community Advancement Society-Nepal

managed by Y. Bhandari

About us

Community Advancement Society-Nepal is a non-profit making, non-political community based organization. It was registered with Nepal Government -Chitwan in 2000 & with Social WelfareCouncil-Nepal in 2001 by highly enthusiastic board members.CAS-Nepal is a non-governmental organization and always seeks for rural side and its people. It aims to tap the youth, school kids and community people to make them involved in national development.

Organization's Aim:
The primary goal of CAS-Nepal is to make community self -dependent & developed through utilization of local, national and international resources .A special focus is given to uplift the social and economic status of poor and indigenous people through various aid oriented programs.

To utilize the local human and non human resources to make community developed & make the youth and other people involve in national development.
To work collaboratively with existing aid organizations and other possible stakeholders to maximize the efficiency.
To uplift the community through the programs on education, health and sanitation specialist support on agriculture and animal husbandry, and other income generating projects suitable for village people.
To introduce Nepal as culturally, naturally and behaviorally rich to the foreign aid agencies and foreign people through the volunteering opportunities.


Diyalo Road,Bharatpur

Y. Bhandari

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