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Volunteers With Passion

managed by Collins M.

About us

Volunteers With Passion (VWP) is a charitable, non-profit, non-political, non-religious organisation that promotes volunteering and community service to enhance the living standards of the people. We bring people together to share skills, experience, creativity and learning to improve the quality of education, health, environment, water and sanitation in marginalized and low income-urban areas.

Our Vision

We envision a world of equal opportunity for all.

Our Mission

To enhance the living standards of the less privileged in society through volunteerism and community empowerment approach in partnership with stakeholders.

Our Values

1. Participation and Team work.
2. Integrity and good governance.
3. Transparency and accountability.
4. Partnership and networking.
5. Gender sensitivity and equality.


1. To design and implement programs and activities that will enhance the living standards of the less privileged to improve the quality of life both economically and socially.
2. To mobilize resources both locally and international and harnesses them to assist the needy in the society.
3. To provide an avenue or channel for other people and organizations in the society to assist the disadvantaged.
4. To encourage and harness voluntary and community service in activities aimed at helping the needy in the society.
5. To partner and network with other organizations, stakeholders and development partners in creating synergy to achieve common goals.


P.O Box 189

Collins M.

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